CAG Kimya Istanbul was founded in 1986 in response to provide reliable, high quality, and permanent service to Turkish chemical industry. Its customer-oriented policy and high levels of discipline philosophy have assisted the company in meeting the market requirements while supplying the demand of the chemical products within the region covered. CAG Kimya is an associate EPCA member With its experienced team of managers and engineers, CAG Kimya is continuously strengthening and developing worldwide supplier links while emphasizing on international trade rules and ethics. Its financial stability, prestigious business partners and professional team are meeting the growing needs of customers from many different industries. Permanent satisfaction of its customers is the main motivation source of CAG Kimya’s dedicated efforts. A Cagatay Group company, CAG Kimya has been an active player in global markets in order to provide chemical products to its customers according to their needs from various sources worldwide. With many products exported from global markets and agreements made, it is the major supplier in different product categories. CAG Kimya has been the representative of some of the world’s biggest producers and traders in the region. In order to response to the dynamism of the sector and increasing global competitiveness, CAG Kimya aims to grow progressively with its young, innovative, dynamic, multinational profile and new customers worldwide.

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